• Burnaby Deer Lake Law Group Lawyers & Notaries Family Mediation
  • Burnaby Deer Lake Law Group Lawyers & Notaries Family Mediation
  • Burnaby Deer Lake Law Group Lawyers & Notaries Family Mediation
  • Burnaby Deer Lake Law Group Lawyers & Notaries Family Mediation

When the "I do" becomes "I don't" we will protect your Assets, your Children and your Sanity.

  • Burnaby Deer Lake Law Group Lawyers & Notaries Family Mediation
  • Burnaby Deer Lake Law Group Lawyers & Notaries Family Mediation
  • Burnaby Deer Lake Law Group Lawyers & Notaries Family Mediation

lawyers are expensive

What many people fail to recognize is that legal advice does not need to be expensive, and in many cases, it may pay for itself.

Consider a scenario that involves child support...
Recipients of child maintenance payments are often reticent to review support because they are afraid that the legal fees of such a review will be very high.
In reality, such a review can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, but might net thousands of dollars in increased support - if the payor is not living up to his or her obligation under the Child Support Guidelines.
A Family Law Lawyer can usually determine (in a 30 minute consultation) whether or not there is value to the client in retaining a lawyer.  The Deer Lake Law Group offers a free initial consultation for Family Law matters, so there is no cost and no obligation to anyone who believes that they may need to retain the services of a Family Law Lawyer.  

When people hear about abusive relationships, they often think of physical or sexual abuse, however; there are many forms of abuse that can hurt you, including emotional, verbal and financial abuse. Psychological harassment and manipulating the children also counts as a form of abuse.

Abuse can change forms in a relationship and can result in a cycle of violence. It not only has harmful effects on the overall well-being of the victim, but may have a negative impact on the children.

If you think you are in an abusive relationship, seek help immediately from your friends, family or from professional services throughout BC. If you hear anyone say or make you believe that violence in relationships is a family matter that needs to be dealt with privately, know that it is not. Any kind of assault or harassment is a crime. In a situation like this, you may feel afraid and isolated. Remember that help is available – you have the right to be safe.

It is always a good idea to get legal advice and information before or during the process of leaving an abusive partner. Knowing what your rights and responsibilities are and how the Canadian legal system works will help you make better informed decisions. If you decide to discuss your situation with a Family Lawyer, he or she will provide you with advice such as your potential options, how to keep the abuser away through court orders, and what to do about your family home, finances and children.

You can also refer to the BC Legal Services Society’s Surviving Relationship Violence and Abuse booklet for further information about abusive relationships.


During the process of divorce, the family home could be an emotionally laden place. Both partners may be considering leaving the family home, or want the other partner to do so. Here are a few things that should be deliberated before making any decisions to move out.

The first thing you should consider is your personal safety and the safety of your children. If you are in a violent or abusive relationship, you can file a protection order with the court to exclude the abusive partner from the family home. If this is a concern to you, it may be important to seek legal advice and information in order to protect your best interests.

If you have to move out of the house, don’t forget to keep in mind about what is the best for you and your children. You might not want to be stay too far away from your workplace, friends, and other supportive family members. The divorce process can also cause your children to experience feelings of anxiety, stress and loneliness. Moving from the family home to a new unfamiliar area is a major life change for them, which can often generate more negative feelings. Try to limit the amount of changes to their life to as little as possible. If circumstances allow, aim to let your children remain close to their friends, school and their usual support network.

It is advisable to get legal advice and information from a Family Lawyer before making the decision to stay in the family home or move out.

To book an free initial consultation with a Family Lawyer at Deer Lake Law, please contact us at 604 430 2345. 


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